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//What Makes A Good Broodmare

What Makes A Good Broodmare

Many riders and those interested in horse training Toronto have the desire to breed their favourite mare and produce an outstanding foal that carries on their mother’s successful legacy. This leaves them pondering the possibility of breeding tier mare, and if their mare has the potential to be a good broodmare. Many factors are taken into consideration by breeders when searching for broodmares that many riders are unaware of. In order for a successful outcome to result from the breeding process, it must be ensured the mare meets the requirements of a great broodmare.

What is a Broodmare

For those who do not know what a broodmare is, the difference between a broodmare and a normal mare is very simple. A mare is a female horse, whereas a broodmare is also a female horse, but it is kept explicitly to be bred. Broodmares are typically between the ages of 7 and 15.

What Makes a Good Broodmare

Proper Conformation

Conformation is what describes the shape and structure of a horse. When searching for future broodmares proper conformation is essential for both the process of carrying the foal and ensuring only positive genetics will be passed on to the foal. The balance of the horse from front to back is extremely important, along with having quality movements as a result of good confirmation. It is also important to check the medical records of a potential broodmare for soundness, as it ensures that no weaknesses will be inherited by the foal. Some people will analyze conformation further, and look at the mare’s head, shoulders and neck to see how they are connected and if they are proportionate. Also, analyzing the hindquarters and considering their formation is important as the hindquarters are where power is generated which is essential for many different elements of competition. A mare with proper conformation will likely produce a foal with similar conformation, which gives the foal a foundation for success right from birth.


No matter what the intended purpose of a foal every rider and breeder alike need a broodmare who will be easily handled and trained. These are baseline traits needed for both competition horses and lesson horses intended to teach beginners. Saying this, it’s essential to reflect on what the purpose of the foal will be, as horses meant for beginners need to be extremely sensible and patient whereas horses meant for high-level competition can be more “hot” and reactive. The traits of the broodmare are often reflected in the temperament of the foal, hence why taking into consideration the temperament of the mare is key. Along with this, mares that are calm by nature are more likely to be a better fit broodmare during the breeding process than an antsier mare.


A very rideable horse is easily trained and likes to work, which allows for great achievements in competitions and as a beginner-friendly horse. Long-term success is found in horses who have beautiful movements and are very rideable. This is why when breeding horses it is important to take ridability into consideration. If a horse loves its job, it will be easy to train and be enjoyable to ride.

A horse naturally loving its job will result in a reliable horse, who desires to be trained and cares for its rider. The foundation of a hard-working horse who loves its job, and rideability results in success within any discipline. Rideability is essential for all horses whether they are ridden in the Olympics or used in lessons to teach beginners.


Especially when breeding a mare who is a maiden, seeing the mare’s lineage will give strong insight into the potential foal that could be produced. If many members of the mare’s bloodline were successful this means many positive genetics have been inherited through generations, and likely will be inherited by the foal. Bloodlines can also help indicate what type of stallion would best fit the potential broodmare. Bloodlines are something heavily looked at by many people, so even if the purpose of breading the mare is to sell its offspring, the strong bloodline will increase the value the foal can be sold for.

Successes Within The Sport

The success the mare has in sport not only demonstrates the high degree of physical capabilities, but also the horse’s mind and level of trainability. If a mare showed dressage up to the Grand Prix level, it can execute many complex movements such as tempi changes, piaf, passage, and pirouettes. In order to learn such movements a lot of training would be required. This demonstrates not only a very trainable mare but a naturally talented mare. This high level of talent and athleticism is the result of good genetics, which would make for a highly successful foal. Highly athletic mares will be able to produce offspring fit for many disciplines, as talent, and trainability is traits that will carry over to any discipline.


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