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Horses For Sale
Horse For Sale
Horse For Sale
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Horses for Sale

Buying your own horse in Ontario can be very exciting. However, buying a horse is often a complex and difficult process that requires broad knowledge and experience in a wide variety of aspects. Lack of exposure combined with the intimidation of negotiating for a horse for the first time can discourage customers. This uncertainty could impede your search for the right horse. Don’t let any of the challenges outlined above stop you. At Amplify Stables, we provide the best thoroughbred horse breeds at affordable prices. We strive to make the process of buying a horse straightforward.

Matching Riders withthe Best Horses

We go out of our way to provide a horse that meets your needs. We are quickly gaining popularity for matching Ontario athletes with the perfect horses. We eliminate the uncertainty, fear, and potential disappointment of buying a horse for the first time. Before we sell a horse, we ensure that it meets our strict criteria of what qualifies as the perfect horse.

We give an honest representation without exaggerating the horse's abilities. Our honesty and reliability are the leading factors that have led to our numerous customers. We mainly obtain customers through word of mouth from other happy customers.

Whether you are looking for a young prospect or a seasoned thoroughbred, you can count on us. We provide our customers with an honest assessment, bringing them closer to the dream of owning a horse.

Buying a Thoroughbred
Buying a Thoroughbred

Why Buy a Thoroughbred?

Thoroughbreds are renowned athletes, popular for speed and stamina. These traits make thoroughbreds ideal for a training. Our horses have gone to succeed in dressage, mounted police, eventing, show jumping, and team sports like trail riding and polo. Most of our thoroughbreds are broken in before they turn two.

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Horses of All Levels

Amplify stables offers top-quality horses for sale: there is something for everyone. We provide for sale both entry-level thoroughbred horses and horses competing at the international level. We will make your horse buying experience easy and enjoyable with our well-organized viewing of the horses.

If you decide that a certain horse is right for you, we will help you to arrange for transportation for your new equine partner. We have thoroughbred horses available at all times. We welcome you to contact us if you are looking for your next international racing horse. If we don’t have the specific equine partner you are looking for, we can assist in making the perfect match from our broad network in the horse industry.

Why Buy from Us?

With so many horse sellers in Ontario, what makes Amplify Stables stand out?

● We have the best quality thoroughbred horses
● We only adopt safe horse breeding procedures
● Despite having the best horses in Ontario, we sell at affordable prices

We have sold thousands of horses, and our clients keep coming back and referring their friends and family members to us. You can never go wrong by investing in a thoroughbred equine partner from Amplify Stables. Contact us today for the best deal.

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