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Horse Purchasing
Horse Purchasing
Horse Purchasing
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Purchasing A Horse Made Easy

Are you planning on purchasing thoroughbred horses in Ontario? Amplify Stables would be thrilled to guide you through the process of horse purchasing. We are always looking for quality thoroughbred horses to add to our horse family. The horse market is often one of the most undisciplined and disorganized industries that exist. It involves trading live animals directly between the buyers and sellers.

Most of the participants in the horse market have no prior professional experience. The purchasing adventures hardly ever go as planned. Just when you think that you have seen it all, the unexpected happens. Letting us help you to purchase a horse will saves you all the hassles of a typical horse process. We are professional buyers who only support honest dealings. We recognize a good horse when we see one. Below are some of the things that we consider when buying horses.

The Pricing Must Be Right

Most buyers prefer to keep the price of a horse within a price range and only indulge in the actual dollar amount when they meet a serious buyer. Before you offer a horse for sale, it’s advisable to do your due diligence and discover comparable horses out here. One thing that we strive to do is buy horses at prices that make the seller happy in the end.

Breeding Methods
Breeding Methods

The Horse Breeding Method

We consider how the horse was brought up or the horse breeding method. The goal of every horse breeder is to produce a genetically superior horse. Numerous environmental conditions affect a horse. The conditions include nutrition, training, healthcare, and injuries. Proper horse breeding doesn’t just involve selecting superior horses for breeding but also managing the environmental conditions.

We prefer to buy horses from breeders who understand basic genetic principles and the application of these principles to a successful horse business. The rule of thumb in horse breeding is to produce three to four foals from every mare. The mare should then be replaced with her best filly. If a mare does not produce or produces low-quality colts, it should be eliminated from the breeding herd. If you select a filly to replace a mare, you must also replace the stallion.

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Well Trained Horses

The Horse’s Training

One way of making your horse fetch a great price is by ensuring that it is well trained, sound, healthy, and well behaved. A horse's bloodline and conformation matter too. However, we would be willing to buy a horse with obscure blood and a less-than-perfect conformation, provided a horse is fun to ride and safe to be around. We are always willing to pay higher for a horse that has had time and money put into it.

The Horse’s Performance

We also consider a horse’s past performance. If your thoroughbred has performed exemplary in the past races, we would be willing to pay higher for it. However, we also buy younger horses that are just starting out in racing.

Do you seek to sell your thoroughbred horse in Ontario, we invite you to contact us today for the most competitive price.

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