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Horse breeding services in Greater Toronto Area

Managing Horse Breeding, Pregnancies, Labour and Delivery in Toronto

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Horse Breeding
Horse Breeding
Horse Breeding
Thoroughbred Horses

State of The Art Horse Breeding

Starting a strong bloodline of horses for any racing or training a horse is a great way to expand your roster without a costly acquisition. You must take care, especially when breeding performance horses, to ensure a healthy pregnancy. At Amplify Stables, we use state of the art ultrasound imaging to monitor thoroughbred horses throughout gestation. Our experts have a thorough understanding of the health concerns you should monitor your horse for. If you decide to go for breeding thoroughbreds we provide artificial insemination services as well.

Understanding Equine Pregnancies

Usually, a horse carries a colt or a filly for eleven months. However, this period could slightly vary from pregnancy to pregnancy. Typically, a horse carries a filly for a shorter period than a colt, but again this varies from pregnancy to pregnancy. If a foal is born before 300 days of gestation, the chances are that it will not survive. A colt born between 300 and 330 days of gestation may survive. However, it is at high risk and requires urgent medical attention.

Breeding Soundness Checks
Breeding Soundness Checks


When you decide to breed your thoroughbred horse, we will first conduct a breeding soundness check. This check helps us to determine if your mare is fit enough to breed. We also determine whether it is capable of carrying a foal to term. When conducting this check, our experts will evaluate your horse’s reproductive health by conducting a trans-rectal ultrasound and trans-rectal palpation. These checks help view your mare’s cervix, uterus, and ovaries for certain abnormalities.

The tests outlined above help rule out any issues that could interfere with a healthy pregnancy, including uterine fibrosis, infection, and inflammation, among other issues. We provide services to monitor your horse’s pregnancy. If necessary, we will intervene to ensure that your mare doesn’t have any complications.

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Monthly Health Checks

Pregnancy Monitoring

Once we establish that a mare is pregnant, we will perform another sonograph before 30 days of pregnancy to confirm that there is no twin pregnancy. It is very challenging for a horse to carry two foals to term; this often puts the mare at risk. To avoid this risk, we can eliminate one embryo to ensure that the mare only carries one foal to term.

We will perform additional checks at 60 days of pregnancy, at 90 days of pregnancy, and again during the fall. During the fifth, seventh, and ninth months of pregnancy, we will perform vaccination for viral abortion and equine rhino pneumonitis.

Thoroughbred Horse Breeding

Mares Restraints For Thoroughbred Breeding

A thoroughbred horse breeding process can result in injuries, but we take caution to prevent them. We start by moving the mare to the covering shed when ready for mating. We conduct several preparation routines, such as washing the perineal area and shaving or bandaging the tail to protect the stallion.

Other measures we take to enhance safety involve using specifically designed equipment that restricts the mare’s behaviour. Examples include fitting the hind legs with boots or hobbles to reduce chances of kicking, putting on a breeding cape to prevent biting on the neck, or using twitch on the upper lips to reduce the heart rate, which will enable endorphins to release for enhanced calmness. Be assured we follow thoroughbred breeding rules to the letter.


The outcome of thoroughbreds breeding usually becomes apparent after a couple of weeks or more. Once that period elapses, we conduct an ultrasound exam on the mare to ascertain whether conception has taken place. We also confirm the number of embryos, and if they are multiple, a veterinarian eliminates one of them. Mares are less likely to carry twin embryos to birth – chances of losing the pregnancy are higher in such cases. Those that reach term become foals that cannot race well. A single embryo has a higher chance of reaching term even though it will have the twin gene.
We will move the mare to the foaling paddocks during the last days of the pregnancy, which is approximately 11 months. Our foaling assistants will be on standby, readily available to handle any difficulty during birth. Possible intervention measures include repositioning the foal’s legs or pulling it manually. Our team will also ensure the foal receives optimal postnatal care. Our procedure for breeding thoroughbred horses is different from what happens in the wild, where mares isolate themselves when foaling.
A nurse mare can rear the thoroughbred if the mare cannot care for the foal - the thoroughbred foul replaces the nurse mare’s foul. However, that arrangement also has challenges, the most common being health issues when the orphan cannot adjust to the new diet. Behavioural problems can also arise later, but every potential issue has a solution. The replacer foul thrives because the nurse mare can rely on lactation-inducing hormones.
Breeding thoroughbred horses follow a one-year cycle – mating takes place one month after the birth.

Labour and Delivery

Before getting ready to give birth, a mare experiences 1 to 2 hours of contractions that end with the sac breaking. The actual delivery process lasts for about 30 minutes. We can intervene at any stage of the delivery to ensure that nothing goes wrong. You should contact us if you notice anything abnormal or if the delivery lasts more than 30 minutes. The foal should be standing within 1 to 2 hours of delivery and nursing within 2 to 3 hours. Our team is available 24/7 at your service.

Whether you are breeding a horse for pleasure or profit, we encourage you to seek the help of an expert with experience in equine reproductive services. Amplify Stables can ensure utmost care at every step of the process to ensure that both the mother and foal are safe.

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