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Horse training services in Greater Toronto Area

Our horse trainers will help your horse reach its full potential

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Horse Training
Horse Training
Horse Training
An Experienced Approach

Ontario's Top Horse Trainers

Amplify Stables are a premier equine athlete center that helps thoroughbred horses reach unexpected performance levels. Professional horse training services also enhance a better and more enjoyable relationship between a rider and their horse.

Professional Racing Horse Trainer

It is important that your race or sports horse receive proper professional training from skilled horse trainers. A professional trainer knows precisely how hard he or she should push a horse while ensuring that the horse is not overworked, hurt, or exhausted. Working your racehorse too hard could be as devastating as not providing it with any training at all. The trainer also knows how to put your horse in top shape and keep it that way for a long time.

With a professional horse trainer, your horse stays in the best condition you would never imagine possible, delivering win after win whenever it races on the track. Amplify Stables offer a broad spectrum of services, taking your horse from the sales rings through to the race day.

Training Sessions
Training Sessions

How We Train

With an individualistic approach to training, we provide specialized services that give your horse the best possible opportunity to fulfill its full potential. Our horse training services include re-education and differentiation in routine and utilization of unique equine athlete pursuits to enhance temperament, fitness, and the happiness of your horse.

The wealth of experience within our horse racing trainers results in strong racetrack performance. We maintain a high standard of animal husbandry to ensure that all horses enjoy and compete to the best of their potential. We also provide horse owners with a positive and enjoyable racing experience.

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Building Your Horse's Skill

All Levels of Training

Some horses may only need a basic tune-up before the show season, while others require more intensive training to become seasoned racers. We will assess your horse's skills, abilities, and attitudes. We will then recommend a training plan that suits your needs and budget. We recognize the importance of personalizing our services to each horse and rider combination based on their unique needs. We commit ourselves to the satisfaction of our clients by developing skills for both the horse and the rider to the best of their abilities.

Finding the Right Trainer for Your Horse

When you choose a professional horse trainer, you are choosing a business partner. For the best results, it is essential that you find the right match for both you and your horse. Before you embark on a search for a horse trainer, you should first define your goals. Why do you want help from a professional horse trainer? Are your horse-training goals short-term or long-term? The typical horse training goals are:

● Preparing your horse for a competition or sale
● Solving a certain issue for a horse or rider
● Starting your young horse under saddle
● Coaching a horse or rider for competition
● Mastering a new skill or discipline
● Improving a rider’s horsemanship

Location is a factor when choosing a horse trainer. It’s best to work with a trainer located closest to your home. Also, be sure to choose a trainer whose rates are within your means. If you need reliable horse training services in Ontario, you can always count on Amplify Stables.

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