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Horse boarding services in Greater Toronto Area


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Horse Boarding
Horse Boarding
Horse Boarding
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A Safe And Comfortable Horse Boarding Facility

Being a horse owner is a wonderful and fulfilling experience. However, you must figure out where your horse will live. Choosing a horse boarding facility is not all about choosing a place where your horse will stay, it also involves picking the equine athlete community you will often interact with and engage with. As a premier horse boarding facility in Ontario, Canada, Amplify Stables provides the finest care for thoroughbred horses. We take pride in providing the best amenities and detail oriented care for athletes.

We strive to create the healthiest and most comfortable home for horses. If you need a safe, clean, and comfortable location for your equine partner to call home, you are in the right place. Above all else, we put the comfort, care, and well-being of the horses first. This is your horse’s home. Your horse deserves to feel relaxed and content with a reliable daily routine. Our core philosophy is “Let Horses be Horses!”

Exceptional Horse Boarding Stables

Every horse that calls Amplify Stables home will enjoy exceptional horse boarding stables that stand above all else. The care and comfort that all the horses living in our facility receive are unmatched. We keep horses healthy and happy by paying close attention to their most important needs. Top of the list is ensuring that the horses feed on quality hay often, have multiple checks daily, amongst other best practices. Horses spend time outside, provided the weather allows. We also ensure that the horse stalls are always clean and comfortable.

Frequent Feedings
Frequent Feedings

Frequent Feedings

We ensure that horses are properly fed, as per each horse’s individual requirements. Quality hay, nutritious grain, and clean water are part of the diet. We ensure that our horses have hay in front of them, whether during the day or at night. Munching horses are happy and healthy horses. We only contract the best hay sources to ensure that the hay meets the standards of a world-class horse boarding facility.

If desired, we feed the horse owner-provided supplements alongside the grain feeding. Your horse boarding will be customized to meet its needs and goals. We have many grain options to choose from to ensure that there is something for every horse. Amplify Stables take pride in providing every horse with an optimum nutritional feeding specially customized for every horse whether its training, breeding or boarding.

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Horse Boarding
Horse Boarding


What You Can Expect From This Experience

The comfort and well-being of your horse are our priorities – expect nothing but the best when you choose our facility for horse boarding in the Toronto area. We have a passionate and experienced team that provides exceptional care. We strive to build an inclusive culture where our educated and skilled boarders feel they are part of a family and can enjoy great refuge regardless of their equine discipline or riding specialty.

Amplify Stables also has vast acreage, gorgeous pastures, serene trails, a large arena, and organic hay that sustains our customized feeding program to ensure the horses continue thriving. Our goal is to create a friendly environment where your horse can flourish – thus, we deliver the highest quality care through comprehensive services and dedication.

We aim to provide a natural environment for horse boarding near me because we want your horse to socialize naturally and reach its full potential. Our boarding facilities have several on-site amenities to cater to the needs of your equine throughout the year.


We have multiple boarding options to cater to different needs, one of which is part horse boarding. Our horse for part board Ontario specialists can work closely with you to ensure your horse receives outstanding care and monitoring. Our state-of-the-art facility is conveniently located in an accessible area where you can visit without a hassle to get the ultimate experience with your equine.
What does it cost to board a horse in Ontario? The horse boarding costs differ according to your specific needs and boarding option. We can give you an accurate estimate after discussing your needs and preferences. Feel free to reach us with inquiries or for a consultation.


Maximum Comfort

Airy and Comfortable Stalls

Our stalls are equipped with waterers, feeders, and blanket bars. All the stalls are cleaned daily, well banked and bedded with quality shavings. The stalls are well ventilated to allow the free flow of air.

Daily Turnout

At Amplify Stables, we believe in daily turnout, provided the weather is conducive. You can choose whether your horse should be turned out individually or as a group. Regular turnout is a crucial part of the physical and mental health of the horse. Turnout also gives the stalls an opportunity to air out. Whenever the horses return to their stalls from a turnout, we always pick their feet.

A horse boarding facility should always cater to its most important clients—the horses. We strive to provide all the comforts that your horse needs. This is often evident in the peacefulness, and relaxation horses display when they move into our facility.

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